Art and Poetry

See you?
Feel you?
That’s all I do.
If you’re asking,
I’ve watched all the love movies.
And yes, they all made me smile.
But you and me,
we’re writing a story they haven’t seen.
A tale of mystery, divine and catastrophic anomalies.
You and I arrived at just the right time.
I couldn’t have guessed the stardate.
Your sign and mines mix like comets exploding.
You follow me to the edge and we go over like waterfalls.
I see you and feel you.

T. Annette

Hope in the day like a prayer sent to God. Beyond the blue sky, we seek heaven and love. We journey within our souls, and the love we seek was there waiting and yearning to be found.

T. Annette

The sun’s intentions gaze from afar peeking over the horizon. An audience of clouds shade twinkling stars as daylight cheers us on. Hope never rests as we lay foundations. A new day to begin again.

T. Annette

You’re an ocean I want to get lost in as the sun sets on our kisses.

T. Annette

Woman. You need more fire.
You’re not hot enough.
I need something I can feel.
Rough, rude, and loud.
No. You’re too sweet.
Why don’t you speak up more?
I can’t relate to your mask.
You might be pretty, but you hide your anger.
Why don’t you get mad?
Let me see you act wild!
No. Don’t be kind.
Flip your hair and roll your eyes.
The world needs a villain.
You would be perfect.

T. Annette

Vibrate towards the melody,
it knows when your body needs release.
You hear the saxophone wind around your desires
hoping for a fire to set ablaze from your soul.
The keys tap into your consciousness and bring your spirit back from the dead.
You sit down and write like life depends on it, praying you’ll make it.

T. Annette

I remember your love
covering us like the sun.
Then the daylight fades in through the window until I wake up.
I roll over with melancholy to the memory of your smile.
Then I see a bird appear in the sky reminding me that you’re never too far away.
I close my eyes and you appear.
I open my ears and your voice, I hear.

T. Annette

Fire in the sparklers burst with intentions. The sky is lit with celebration as smoke rises. Time moves forward as we smile watching the past fade into memories of gold.

T. Annette

Your growing stalk rises higher each day.
Don’t let the soil rot and kill your roots.
I’m amazed at how well your petals form in the dark.
I am the sun that keeps you warm on cold winter days.
I shine healing light on you and you bloom.
Your tears water your stems leaving moisture for your seed.
You endured growing pains and now you have your flowers.

T. Annette

The infinite light of your soul shines like a beacon through time and space.

T. Annette

“Stardust and Jazz”

The stardust on my skin glimmers from your kisses.
Drawn into a nebula of your love.
We merged, bursting a bright beam of light.
A supernova in the void of space exploding beautifully.
Floating in our space-time.
We were debris, sharp and jagged from life, cast into a dark abyss.
You saw me, a piece that fit your piece.
You were missing from me.
I thought I was unfit, cast aside, too broken to make sense.
Gravity, like angels, pulled you to me.
As the jazz plays, I’m writing to you from a thousand light-years away.
I’ll see you soon.

T. Annette

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